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Fortune Teller

There is a secret message - your fortune - hidden in this text. Your mission is to find it. All the words of the message are found in this text. The message today may be different than the one that will show for you tomorrow. You need to find which words are part of the secret message by being patient and hovering your mouse over them to see them light up. If you are lucky enough to find one, you can click it to add it to the message and be happy - congratulate yourself. Then try to find another the same way. Do not take all day - there may be a timer ... or maybe there is not. Only after you have found all the others, what you will have to do is to unscramble them to make the message. It may be a prediction; it may be more like your mother's advice; you'll have to wait and see.

Congratulations - you have found all the words of the message. Now try to unscramble them to read it. Drag each word to a new spot in the message until you've revealed the correct message. This explanation will disappear to indicate that you have found it.