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Food Chain Game



V = toggle view of variables C = spawn another Carl (carnivore)
S = toggle sound H = spawn another Herby (herbivore)
F = toggle freeze P = spawn another plant
HGD = Herby Growth Delay (how slowly Herby ages)
HRR = Herby Reproduction Rate (what chance Herby will reproduce in each cycle)
HMR = Herby Mortality Rate (what chance Herby will die in each cycle)
PGD, PRR, and PMR are the same idea for plants.
CGD, CRR, and CMR are the same idea for Carl.

Hover over clones to check their statuses.
Try adjusting the variables to see what effect they have on the food chain. Ideally, the populations would balance out so that each level could sustain the next - without your spawning interference.

NOTE: The Scratch limit for clones is 301, but I set a limit of 200 for Food Chain because it gets bogged down with more than that.